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If you're reading this, you've probably received one of hundreds of guitar picks that will hopefully make their way around the world. Thank you for taking the time to visit this site and learn about my late husband, AJ Swope, and his music.


Our time with AJ ended tragically on January 15, 2013 when he was killed by a woman committing suicide. It was 11:15 on a Tuesday morning on a four-lane divided highway. AJ was driving to a small Texas Panhandle town to speak to a group of retired teachers. According to the Department of Public Safety, the woman intentionally crossed over into oncoming traffic, and instead of aiming at a fixed object...ran head-on into AJ, destroying our family in an instant.  

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AJ was the most amazing person I've ever known in absolutely every way. He was brilliant, handsome, loving, devoted, honest, caring, talented, quick-witted and beyond funny. I could go on and on about this extraordinary man, but it wouldn't even come close to describing how remarkable he was. During his time here on earth, AJ changed countless lives. Whether through friendship, business relationships or music, he made a lasting impression everywhere he went with everything he did.  


As our family struggles to survive each day without AJ, we strive to make a difference for him. That's where you come in.  AJ's music came straight from the soul.  He was unmeasurably passionate about songwriting and sharing his work with others. We ask that you help us move his music forward by taking the time to listen to some of his songs.  


Our goal is to have his music heard around the world. After you listen, please tell us where you are from so we can add it to the list. As AJ makes music in Heaven, we continue his efforts here on earth.  Thank you for helping with our mission. We'd sure appreciate you passing his guitar pick along so that others may do the same.



The Family of AJ Swope

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